Salem & the Fugitive
Slave Era
Iowa Quakers, abolitionist activism, the Underground Railroad
Note: This 1850 transcript of the Fugitive Slave Case here is an exciting and fascinating read.  It reads like a movie screen-play and is complete with runaway slaves, slave-catchers, abolitionist Quakers, slave owners, frontier lawyers and small town frontier Iowa.
   This is worth printing out and makes a good read before bedtime.  It is a compelling story that now only awaits its movie version as a documentary. 

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1838 Runaway or Stolen Slaves
$200 Reward
Abolitionism in 1840 Iowa
Asa Turner letter
1846 Fugitive Slave Wanted Reward
Keokuk Aurgus Newpaper Ad
1848 "The Salem Affair"
Burlington Hawkeye News Article
1850 Fugitive Slave Case
The Transcript
Salem Iowa and the Daggs Fugitive Slaves
Stories of the Underground
The New Garden Quaker Meeting:
Iowa Abolitionists in Action
Southeast Iowa
Owen Garretson Remembers the Daggs Fugitive Slaves
Nathan Kellum
Fugitive Slave Conductor

(New Garden Iowa)
Rachel Kellum Remembers the Daggs Fugitive Slaves
The New Garden UGRR "Lone Tree' Safe-drop The Fugitives, from whence to where thence...
Nathan Kellum, Active Iowa Conductor on the UGRR
A Daggs Slave's Later Success
Family Portrait of Maxwell family.
The Joe Johnson Escape to Iowa
The Salem Anti-Slavery Friends
The Salem Quaker separation over
Abolitionist Activism
A Salem - Iowa City Line of the UGRR
Walter Crew and Walter Terrell
Valton Meeting & The Cheyanne Valley
Peace in the Valley
The Quaker Conflict over Abolition Activism in the Fugitive Slave Era
Grandson of a Daggs Slave, Ira Hall  JPEG
Friends Meetings in Iowa 
1870 Map
Seeds of Abolitionist Activism in Iowa
The Law:
(This map while useful for initially mapping the under ground rail road in Iowa is an incomplete  record of fugitive slave era Quaker Meetings in Iowa.. Deleted are some of the conservative meetings following an 1860's separation of Friends in Iowa while also some of the older meetings were never part of the Ia.Yearly Meeting.  See Louis T. Jones', Quakers of Iowa for a chronicling of the pioneer and fugitive slave era Quaker settlement in Iowa.  Some meetings retained their affiliation back to Ohio Yearly Meeting or others.  Hence this map of Iowa Yearly Meeting Friends Meetings is not the complete record of where there were Quaker Meetings in pioneer Iowa)  It does give a good idea of the dispersal of Friends in Iowa near the time.
The 1793 Fugitive Slave Law
The Scattergood Runaway:
Living History
The Federal 1850 Fugitive Slave Law
Conducting the Railroad, 2002
The Daggs Slaves - Runaway Recreated
The 1850 Law,  Runaway Slaves Poster
"Let's Put a Stop to Slave Stealing"
Lewis D. Savage & Doug Hamilton, two friends conducting the railroad in Salem, Iowa 2003
Old Quakerism in Practice:
Conservative Quaker Meetings 1898,
Iowa, Mott
Old Quaker Meeting, 19th Century Iowa, Jones
Courage and Moral Conviction,
Iowa and the Fugitive Slave Era
Quaker Meeting Protocols
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The Society of Friends of Old,
the Old Quaker Meeting

The Quakers of Iowa
A history of the Quaker settlement of Iowa including the nature of the under ground rail road in 19th Century Iowa.  Written by Louis T. Jones, 1914
Quaker Nomenclature
Quaker Meeting, 17th Century
Quaker Meeting as a Spritual Practice
East Grove Iowa UGRR Historic District
District Inventory
John Brown's Body
The whole text story
New Garden Iowa Underground Railroad Historic UGRR District Inventory
The anthem, John Brown
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