Runaway Slaves


By Federal Law of the US Congress, 1850


It is Illegal to:


Willingly obstruct, hinder, or prevent from arrest fugitives from service or labor.


It is Illegal to:


Rescue, or attempt to rescue, fugitives from service or labor, from the custody of such claim.


It is Illegal to:


Aid, abet, or assist such persons so owing service or labor, directly or indirectly, to escape from such claim.


It is Illegal to:


Harbor or conceal fugitives from service or labor, so as to prevent the discovery and arrest of such persons, after notice or knowledge of the fact that such persons are fugitive from service or labor.

Penalty of Law:

For either of said criminal offences, offenders shall be subject to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, and imprisonment not exceeding six months, by indictment and conviction

and pay, by way of civil damages to the parties injured by such illegal conduct, the sum of one thousand dollars for each fugitive so lost to be recovered by action of debt.

"Let us put a stop to slave stealing!"