Icelandic Horse Operant Behavioral Training


Horsemen before there was `clicker' or horsewhisperers

"We can add that Sigfinnur often rode walk in between the fast
parts. Then he lighted his pipe and told stories, sometimes
exaggerated, sometime plain lies. His horses soon got used to the
sound of the matches and learned that the smell of tobacco meant
going slowly or even stopping for a while. They walked like that
until they received a sign that something else was wanted. It
worked the same way with the sound of the marking equipment for the
lambs, in the times the sheep still had their lambs outdoors and
horses were used to chase lambs so they could be marked. Sigfinnur
often took up his box of matches, when his horses were not quiet
enough at the start of a race."

-story from Eidfaxi oct.2005