About Icelandic Horses
~Quality pure-bred domestic and imported Icelandic horses.
~18 years of experience in breeding and importing pleasure horses for the American market 
~Using top bloodlines   ~Suitability guaranteed

"The Hamiltons have brought integrity and style to all that goes with introducing one to the Icelandics."  J. Underbakke, Morristown, Minnesota

"Buying from an informed and responsible seller like the Hamiltons helps insure that you don't end up with a horse that is not what you hoped it would be."
E. Mullen, Bellevue, Colorado

"Our challenge was there were so many good horses to choose from at Prairie Garden Farm!  We finally took home three!"  S. Elkin, Pelion, South Carolina 

"You can add me to your list of happy customers!"  B. Ritchie, Kalamazoo, Michigan

"The Hamiltons have opened up a wonderful world of Icelandics for me and my family.  We bought three from Prairie Garden Farm!" P. Fernyhough, Fairfield, Iowa

"Hello from Minnesota, she is a sweetie,& learns quickly. She has been no trouble, on the contrary she is a joy.  She has a "baby" quality about her, which is endearing to everyone who meets her.  She has a big heart! 
     She has been so much fun for me to ride, as I can go out with a group or alone, & she will do both quite willingly.  She is tiny, but carries me well.  Perhaps she is a"'child's horse", but I really don't care, because I have so much "care-free" fun. I'd say she has given me back my childhood!".  -P. Granros
In a small midwestern town
by daylight  one of the Nine Kings,
The Tormented Icelandic Ring Wraith Rides!
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