Icelandic Horse Breed Demonstration,  A Basic Medium Length Choreography




(The short summary.. enter 2 abreast, lines left turn, circle lines abreast, figure of eight abreast, single file tolting into zoom-zooms, single file gait demo, toast, exit)



(directions oriented from the gate)



(Easily adaptable to any number of riders, even or odd numbers, one or many)




Begin by Entering two abreast tolting,  up the middle to top.


At the top,


            The two lines, left turn,  forming two lines abreast.


Flow To the left, two lines circling abreast. 

            (One line will follow behind the other)


            Tolting, two lines abreast, From the top, 1.5 laps to the gate.


Passing the gate, wheel both lines to a full figure of eight. 

            Begin with first diagonal from lower right corner. 


Full Figure of Eight, (hour glass figure)  two lines abreast, one following the other.


Finish the figure of eight abreast one line following the other.


            Passing the gate, in the lower right corner, transition to single file...,

   each original line leaders each turn left and others follow.

            (1st line then the 2nd line turn into single file, then up the rail to top)


            Single file tolting!    (From the gate end lower right.)

                                                            (one line follows the other, all single file)

            1.5 laps...  

            to begin zoom-zooms


At the top,  the two original lines, start single file from each corner at the top back into Zoom-Zooms

            (1st line from the top left corner, 2nd line from the top right)


3  complete Zoom-Zooms. (Figure of eights, hour-glass, lines crossing alternately in middle)



At the gate,    Merge into single file,  Gait demonstration

Walk   for a moment then Trot up the middle, then around on the rail, Tolt, Canter, tolt, exit, and Pace



Re-enter,Beer tolt, line-up in middle alternately facing the crowd, toast, Then ride out to the sides and then line up abreast again at top facing the gate,

            exit one at a time....








(The short summary.. enter 2 abreast, lines left turn, circle lines abreast, figure of eight abreast, single file tolting into zoom-zooms, single file gait demo, toast, exit)









Other possibilities:


            In longer variation of flow, you could create 'pass-throughs' by having the two lines split off initially after entering and circulating in opposition.  Or could also flow the two lines to meet in the arena middle to 'pass-through' in the center  or do  'pin-wheels' by having the two lines move oppositely after the entrance circulating in opposition before breaking into the 'figure of eights' through the middle.  Makes it longer and more complex. 


            Or you could adjust for time by adjusting the number of 'figure of eights' or the 'zoom-zooms' as needed.  More or less.  The lines abreast in 'figure of eight' is visually very exciting, as are the 'zoom-zooms' for the crowd to watch.   Riding the basic demo, and adjusting the number of these can be called from inside the demo to adjust to the script reader, if the riders have their heads on. 


            Also, ridden directly through this way, the gait demo featured in the middle can happen at any point during the choreography flow if the script reader becomes way off, either fast or slow.  Just ride the flow of the basic pattern.  Requires flexibility/adaptability and people willingly applying themselves to what is happening as the demo is happening... it becomes alright either way, the way it flows as written.  There is a lot of safety in how it flows, actually.



            Or, for any number of riders, for a very much shorter and simple Demo choreography, drop out the 'beer toast' celebratory part after the 'gait demonstration' part.  One or any number could just ride the flow of this basic demo choreography and it would look coherent, interesting and work splendidly.  Many are the possibilities.  It mostly depends on how flexible the people are who are riding it.



- Doug and Jennifer Hamilton