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Horse Shopping:
Horse Training:
Looking for Dream Horses, in Method
Notes on Training Gaited Horses
A Buyer's Checklist
Keeping Horses going as Tolters - Rack
Iceland, Winter Shopping for Horses
Training Tolt, on the bit and rein, Henriksson
Where to Find Horses for Sale
Education & Shopping for Horses
Training & Spiritual Connection,
A Video on 'How to Buy'
Evaluating Horses in Training, or to Buy FT Exam
Horsemen and their Horses:

Hrafnkells Saga Retold, Galsi fra Saudarkrokur & Northern Horsemen

Training 'hand' horses to pony along...
Horsemanship Esteemed
Horsemanship Reins Supreme in Iceland
Perfecting the Tolt
by Hrodmar Bjarnason
Riding Pace in Iceland
Training & Riding Trot in
Icelandic Horses
Iceland History, Horses & People
Training Pacey-tolt
Iceland, Horses Everywhere
in Modern Culture
Ground-driving From the Girth, Training Horses
Singing, Riding and Training Icelandic Horses
In the Zone
Galsi offspring, Farmthid
Video Clips of Horses and Iceland
Buck Brannaman Riding Clinic Notes
The modern Hesta-Bjarni:
Training Balance
Skumur and Lettir
The Character of Willing,  Breeding Ofeigur & the Nature of Character
Buck Brannaman   Lateral Work
Buck Brannaman -Braced Horses Hanging on the bit
Icelandic Operant Behavioral Training
Riding  Demonstrations
Buck Brannaman    Reins
Short Demo text, Icelandic Horses
What is the Icelandic Horse?
Breeding Versatility, in Icelandics
Choreography, Medium Length Demo  Icelandic Horses
The European Norman-Icelandic-Spanish  American (Gaited) Horse
Cavalry Drill Demonstration Sheet
Elements of Coordinated Riding
What is Snefells?
Trail Riding,  Horse Trekking -To the Centre of the Earth in Iceland,  Snefells
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