Education and Shopping for Horses


> dhamiltony2k1 wrote:
      >Just some reflections. Some of that process of buying entails
going out and educating yourself.


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> Hello folks.

> Yes ; ) Yes yes yes : ) And, starting with educating your self,
> buying a horse. And then too after you've bought a horse if you're not
the most
> experienced or confident rider keep on taking regular lessons from
a good
> trainer ; ) And, even if you're an experienced and confident
rider, it can
> be really fun to learn more ; )

<Doug writing:

Yes, that is the point. Of course there are options too…

Now, I am sorry, these sound like edgy words here. They are frank:
people can be provided with good horses, but really it is in their
own hands to make of it what is there. The part of the rider in this
can not be much controlled by a good trainer or seller. Mostly, we
all do our best. However, for the part of the 'buyer', there is also
a part of "buyer beware" in that the buyer needs to also do some work
to figure things out too. 

There are aspects that are more than round-penning
stuff. It is also about riding: hands, seat and legs together making
a picture of how it goes. This is harder to do. To be successful,
it is about crafting horsemanship. It is also about applying
oneself... without just remaining or staying 'stuck in the

How to get there with your riding? Pursue lessons and clinics
and do lots of riding. Methodical riding. Then, as an option in
addition, go to
Iceland and ride on some of the longer horse treks
there. Lots of things will come together for you on these multi-day
rides where you get to ride horse after horse. These are the best
lessons to be had on top of lessons and clinics. One trekking place
that does it very well is

I always encourage people that even as they might go back and
forth to Europe, go on Icelandair and stop over enroute even just for
a day or two.

For instance, Eldhestar is based right there out side of town
complete with hotel accommodations etc. They will pick you up from
the Fly-bus as you arrive in
Iceland and you can ride out directly in
to the landscape even if only for a short layover. It ends up being
a great riding lesson for anyone in the process.

Just some thoughts on the process of getting horses.  >


Buyer Rise Up!

Doug Hamilton