The Cavalry Re-enactor’s Pocket Drill Sheet


Build elements Left of Leaders

            Dress Right

            Count Fours(from Right)

            Prepare to Mount (1’s&3’s forward)


            Form Rank

            Dress Right


                        Sit at Ease



The evolutions of drill...



From Line into Column of March:


From Line into Column (ahead)

            “By file, March”          In all cases, move one horse length forward before any oblique or turn.

or         “By Two’s, March”

or         “By Four’s, March”


From Line to Column, moving Right

            “By File Right, March”

or         “By two’s Right, March”

or         By four’s Right, March”


From Line to Column, moving Left

            “By file from the right to march to left, march”

or         “By two’s from the right to march to left, march”

or         “By Four’s from the right to march to left, march”


(effectively, in changing from line into column and moving off to the left, this will keep the leaders leading and on the right when the column moves off to the left.  Or else, if this is not called correctly, then everything gets screwed inside out and only true mastery of the drill will get this commander out of his embarrassment!)




From Column to  Line


            “Front into Line, March  (forming to the left of the guides)

or         “Left into line, March”                                    ranks obliquing to front or wheeling into line.

or         “Right into line, March”



            Build up Column at gait:

                        “Form two’s, march

            or         “Form four’s, march”


                                    The guides drop one gait, others form on leaders with obliques in successive movement at gait.


            Breaking down a column at gait:

                        “By two’s, March”

            or         “By file, March”

                                    The whole element drops one gait while the guides continue forward at gait.  The ranks oblique over in sequential movement and then continue on at gait.



Building up/Breaking down a Column while increasing gait:

                        (obscure for re-enacting purposes)

            Building up


                                    “By two’s, Trot, March”

                        or         “By Fours, Trot, March”         Leaders move one gait below                                                                                             the command. Ranks in                                                                                                        sequence form with the gait                        

Breaking down                                              called for.  All drop one gait                                                                                                 below the gait called for.

                                                                                    Leaders subsequently increase                                                                                          gait to command.  Others then                                                                                            join gait of the lead element.







            “Right Turn, March”

or         “Left Turn, March”                  90 Degree-  15’ inside radius

                                                            Dress on shoulders of outside horseman.

                                                            Outside should not increase gait

                                                            Inside should shorten gait to pivot the turn.

                                                            Each rank successively executes on same                                                                       spot as leaders.


            “Column Right About, March”

or         “Column Left About, March” 180 degree- 10’ inside diameter






            “Right Wheel, March”

or         “Left Wheel, March”              Inside pivots.  Dress on shoulders of the                                                                Outside Rider.

                                                            Give way to outside.  Touch inside knee.

                                                            Maintain gait, do not increase gait.  Inside must

                                                            shorten gait to anchor the pivot.

Turns and wheels are beautiful with power and martial splendor if they are controlled as described;  they appear as drunken sailors coming back from leave if they are not attended to by the whole element.





            When Drawn up on line.


                        “Prepare to dismount”          1’s and 3’s forward half length etc.


                        “Dismount”                             all dismount, reins & lead strap

                                                                                    in right hand, stand to horse...


                        “Form Rank”                          2’s & 4’s forward.