Buck Brannaman


Classical Dressage Horsemanship Natural Cowboy


Clinic Notes


Centerline Preparation of Reins:


Hands within the centerline area works the fore quarters.  Hands further outside the centerline then working the hind legs.  The centerline area being over the withers or pommel area in front of the horseman.


Hands working near over the centerline = fore turning work.

Hands away from the centerline = hind work.


If only riding a leading rein then talking to the hind.

If supported with the other rein then front end.


It’s about being accurate

for a “soft feel” yielding on the bit and in the reins.  A ‘soft feel’ is from the ground up.  When you loose it, start over.





On touchy horses, roll their behind to get a hold of them & roll their front & walk on to soften.  Un-track their behind and then bring them across in the front to reach across and then ride off.  Finish with their head down and complete without a brace.


Do what it takes to be effective, not just enough to be annoying. 

(“Calculate to get in there and get out.  Don’t just be firm and stay there.”

- Ray Hunt) 

Make your point and get out.  Get in and get on.  Calculated & firm.   





End up with hind cross, front across, walk off, stop, head down, teeter back, complete without a brace in to a soft feel.





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